Why Take A Canoe Trip?


Watch this video with Jim Brandenburg, renowned National Geographic photographer, about how the wilderness can heal the ills of "civilization."

Sure, civilization has its merits. But more and more is written on the stress of modern life, because much of the way we live in the 21st century is really unnatural. It's hard on the body and soul. A cure for the modern day stress?

Get back to nature

There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of water lapping on a shore, the sounds of the myriad of bird species, maybe some crickets or insects buzzing. No traffic. No horns, no sirens, no air conditioners running, no booming sound systems. Not even a motor boat or jet ski. No phones ringing.

Can you imagine vacationing in a place that is completely bare of all things we consider civilized? The only thing you will find are worn paths from others who have traveled there before you. Maybe a fire pit that has been used recently or a camping spot that is nice and cleared of brush. But no picnic tables, no RVs. Nothing but you and nature, up close and personal. 

Create a memory of a lifetime

Stress relief in the boundary waters canoe area wildernessFamilies that have taken canoe trips together, especially when a child is young, form bonds and memories that cannot be equaled. A child isn't playing in a virtual world, it's the real world, with real challenges, real fish to be caught. Today's children don't spend a lot of time outdoors. There is something healing about sleeping on the ground, paddling on a lake, swimming in pure unchlorinated water. Imagine the excitement of cooking up for supper the fish that was caught just this afternoon.

Create a memory of a lifetime, something your children will want to pass on to their children. An experience you'll want to have again and again with your loved ones.

Relive History

Retrace the steps of the Voyageurs as you travel over trails created over a hundred years ago. View the scenes as they were experienced by the natives that inhabited the land and the Europeans that discovered it.

Are you a Photo Bug?

Photography in the boundary waters canoe area wildernessBring your camera. There is an opportunity around every bend for an award-winning shot. As Jim Brandenburg says in the video at the top of the page, this area was the reason he left National Geographic full time and started concentrating his extensive photographic skills on this area of the country.

Who can take a canoe trip?

You might be thinking that a canoe trip is an experience only for the young and fit. And you'd be so wrong! One really good reason to use a canoe outfitter to plan your canoe trip in the Boundary Waters wilderness area is to get a trip tailor-made for your needs, desires, and physical condition.

Perhaps the idea of portaging (carrying a canoe on a path in between lakes and waterways) just doesn't appeal to you or you just don't think you're up to it, physically. Your outfitter can plan a trip that allows you to camp in one spot and take day trips out by canoe, returning each night. No packing everything up, no portaging.

On the other hand, if the idea of traveling over several days to many locations is your cup of tea, your outfitter will map out the ideal trip for you.

Are you a rabid angler? Would you rather photograph than fish? Are you planning on a trip for your honeymoon and want your locations to be really private? All these criteria and more can be met by your outfitter.

Do you have physical challenges? Are you disabled at all? Don't let that stop you! Ely canoe outfitters pride themselves on planning trips for anyone in any physical condition.

Think a canoe trip is only for the young? Age is no barrier in enjoying the wilderness. Again, your outfitter will plan a trip that is tailor made for your needs, physical condition, and your desired activities.

Think a canoe trip is too expensive? Or that using an outfitter will cost too much? Some of the most enthusiastic canoe trippers are college students. Call one of our local outfitters and discover how reasonable the price of an outfitted canoe trip can be.