The Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Shoreline

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) is a million acre area in northeastern Minnesota with about the freshest air and purest water in the country, one of the few places left in the world where a unique Minnesota Canoeing experience is still available.

What's special about Minnesota Canoeing

Canoeing In Minnesota

"The vacation of a lifetime" and "the most relaxed I've been in years" are just a few of the comments of people who have come to Ely for a Minnesota canoe trip. Experience nature in a way that is rare anymore, do it with family or friends and come out enriched, relationships enhanced, and you healthy and happy.

Why Use an Ely, MN Outfitter?

Minnesota canoeing in Ely, MN

For the best possible Minnesota canoeing experience, the most appropriate equipment, guidance on routes, entry points and the right locations for fishing or photography, to get more than expected out of your trip, save money and stress, hire an Ely Minnesota Outfitters to outfit your Minnesota canoe trip to the BWCAW.

Ely MN: Your Jumping-Off Point

Designated "Coolest Small Town in America" in 2010, Ely, Minnesota, is both the destination and jumping-off point for the "coolest vacation in America." It's also home to the International Wolf and Bear Centers and an elite group of wilderness trip experts.

Why Use A Canoe Outfitter?

Outfitters are experts in their field

Only about 50 people in world have the knowledge of what makes the ultimate canoe trip:

  • personal knowledge of the wilderness
  • the latest and best equipment for the best canoe trip experience
  • the type of supplies needed for the best canoe trip experience
  • the best entry points for the time of year and type of trip desired
  • the best fishing spots for the time of year and the type of fish
  • the best camping spots for the time of year and the type of experience desired
  • the type of supplies needed for the best canoe trip experience
  • the best route for the type of canoe trip experience desired
  • the latest conditions of the different areas of the wilderness
  • all the details involved in planning a canoe trip
  • all the safety information needed for a safe trip: how to deal with black bears, what water is safe to drink, what to do during a storm
  • permitting details, which can be confusing, especially for trips to Canada's Quetico Park

Amazingly, 20 of these people are outfitters in the Ely area.

Your outfitter will take care of all the details

If you're new to the canoe trip experience, you'd be very wise to get some expert help. A canoe outfitter takes care of the myriad of details involved in a canoe trip:

  • Getting a permit
  • Routing and trip planning
  • What to bring
  • What to leave at home
  • What kind of food to take and how to pack it
  • Lodging before and after your trip
  • Shuttles to and from entry points if needed
  • Tows if applicable
  • Fishing licenses
  • Guide service if desired

An outfitter can keep the canoe trip experience fresh

Even if you've taken a canoe trip before, wouldn't it put your mind at ease to have someone else handling all the details so all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself? You can always take the same route you took before, but why not take a different one, start at a different entry point, camp at different locations, portage new areas? An outfitter can help you plan an entirely new experience on your subsequent canoe trips.

At the end of the trip, just turn in all the equipment, jump in the car and head home. No worries, no sleeping bags to launder, no canoes to haul.